Freese Workshop

"Training & Leisure need to be
balanced - for both: horse and rider!
Josef Freese"

Ride&Travel© Workshop

Perfect match of travelling & riding lessons - Dressage & Jump

Why not combining your personal training here in the stunning, typical northern german landscape of the Wildeshauser Geest with a short trip.


Have a look to our arrangements:

» Ride&Travel Arrangement Hotel Stueve in Visbek

We have developed the "Ride & Travel" idea, that is: Training & Individual Coaching or lessons in small groups with your own horse, and having a full scope of leisure time to explore the beauty on Northern Germany.

All around Hof Freese - close to Bremen, Oldenburg, Osnabrueck and the coast, you have all chances and opportunities to reach those day-trip destinations and simultaneously having a personalized coaching and riding lesson block.

Put it in a nutshell

What we offer for you

» | Full board for your horse
» | Training Individual/ Small Groups
» | Professional coaching for you and your horse

Relaxed & Rewinded

Put it all in a box: Training and individual short trips. We provide all the neccessities for your horse and the riding lessons and hand you useful tips on how to book your accommodation and leisure time activities.

For further information get us at Sportpferde Freese Mail

Short trip Ride&Travel© Workshop

We have provided some support with Booking, Tourist Info, Leisure Activities & more at the bottom of the page.

Example Trip

(*) 3-days-off:

THU Arrival - Day #1

Look around at Hof Freese | getting the horses in Check in hotel (round 15 km of a distance)

Lesson & Coaching Hof Freese 15.00hrs to 17.00hrs

Google Maps

FRI Day #2

Lesson & Coaching Hof Freese 9.00hrs to 12.00hrs

Afternoon Trip to Bremenwith guide if desired

Link» Tourism Bremen

SAT Day #3

Last individual Lesson & Coaching Hof Freese 9.00hrs to 12.00hrs

Visit the coast

Enjoy sand, sun and the northern dunes... a typical sight and landscape with stunning views.!

Link» Die Nordsee

SUN Day #4 Departure

Enjoy and relax with a nice breakfast, check out and get over to Hof Freese to hook your trailer.

Sunday is a perfect travel day on Germanys' "autobahns" as all big trucks and wheelers need a special permission to use the roads here on a sunday.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

(*) Please note, that this is just a travel proposal and that we do not offer ready made trips or package tours. You need to take care about travel and accommodations as well as leisure time activities yourself. We offer the hosting for your horse and the riding lessons and coachings.

Connect your workout with your personally tailored getaway.
We present here everything about your horse and your riding lessons and gives you here at the same time Advice and Assistance in booking your accommodation, as well as ideas for your free time.